• Our clients say

    “The results and benefits of the KST200e have been well in excess of our original expectations. It's proving to be an outstanding investment."

    Andy Pickering (Safety and Ergonomic Coordinator), Cargill Meats, High River, Alberta, Canada

Improve Productivity with Sharper Blades

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Knife Sharpness Tester

Anago’s primary product is the Knife Sharpness Tester, it has been developed to benefit the food processing industry by improving the sharpness of their cutting tools, and in turn the safety and production performance associated with the continual use of suitably sharpened knives.

In addition to food processing, the sharpness testing machine is now widely used by training institutes, knife and sharpening equipment manufacturers, and knife re-sharpeners around the world.

Numerous studies have shown that improving knife sharpness levels in a food processing environment will provide these terrific benefits: 

  • Up to 80% fewer strain and overuse injuries
  • Up to 1.5 times faster cutting speed
  • Yield improvements of up to 1.2%.  

Click here for more information on the sharpness tester and the benefits of improved knife sharpening practices.
Click here to view a short video on the knife sharpness tester

Manage and Prevent injuries at your food processing facility with reporting software

Another product developed to benefit the foods processing industry our Injury Management and Benchmarking Software (IMABS), which assists in the management and prevention of injuries. Please Click Here to find out more .


knife sharpness solutions


  • Troubleshooting safety and processing issues
  • Sharpness analysis and auditing
  • Effective solutions to meat industry related problems
knife sharpness solutions

KST eSeries

Sharpness Analyzer

Easy to use producing fast, accurate and reliable results, the KST eSeries consistently promotes maximum productivity and performance from your sharpening tools and staff.

knife sharpness solutions


Efficiently manage injury related information

  • Rapid data entry, powerful reporting
  • Benchmarked results
  • On-line and real time