Anago KST Knife Sharpness Tester

Easy to use and producing fast, accurate, and reliable results, the Anago KST eSeries knife testing machine will help you consistently achieve maximum productivity and performance from your sharpening tools and staff. The results from this objective sharpness test display over 30 independent measurements along the blade edge which enables you to improve sharpening systems, perfect training techniques, monitor sharpening practices, and guarantee knife sharpness. Knife testing with the Anago technology provides many benefits to a wide range of industries including, meat and food processing, knife and blade re-sharpening, sharpening equipment manufacturing, knife and cutting blade manufacturing, and training institutions (butchers, filleters, trimmers, etc) The Anago KST knife sharpness tester can evaluate a wide range of blade types from hand knives to machine cutting blades. It comes in two sizes, the KST200e for blades up to 20cm (8 in) long and the KST300e for blades up to 30cm (11 in) long. Additional sizes can be supplied on request.

Listed below are some specific benefits that you can expect to receive from the KST when implemented in your industry. Simply click on your industry type for a more detailed description of the relevant benefits:

Food Processors
  • Monitor sharpening practices and equipment
  • Increase blade sharpness levels
  • Enable faster cutting (up to 1.5 times higher throughput)
  • Increase yield (up to 1.2%)
  • Reduce injury rates (up to 80% fewer repetitive strain injuries
  • Enjoy rapid payback (ROI 1-3 months)
  • Improve sharpening technique
  • Add objective feedback to your knife sharpening training
  • Provide superior service delivery to your clients
  • Objectively quantify & audit competency
  • Benchmark standards for trainer & trainee performance
  • Provide world leading industry training
  • Enhance your curriculum offering
  • Create new teaching & business opportunities
  • Enable more efficient & effective training
Knife Manfacturers
  • Guarantee the sharpness of your knives
  • Continuously improve effectiveness and efficiency of sharpening systems
  • Enable world leading product development and product testing procedures
  • Determine optimal sharpening procedures (angle, grit level etc)
  • Ensure more profitable product lines
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Create a clear and persuasive point of difference
Knife Re-sharpeners
  • Better service, stronger sales, lower costs
  • Determine optimal sharpening procedure (angle, grit, etc)
  • Guarantee and prove quality of sharpening service
  • Persuasive point of difference from competitors
  • Consistent, reliable, and objective quality control
  • Effective and efficient training tool for staff
  • Our clients say

    “If someone is struggling with their knife, we bring the knife to the safety office, test it on the KST200e and obtain a sharpness rating. From that data we can determine what remedial action needs to be taken.” 

    Brian Bramschreiber (Safety Manager) Cargill Meats, Ottumwa Iowa, USA